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FCC Regulations

The following section provides access to FCC rules and regulations that affect local stations. Note that rules regarding political broadcasting are contained in their own section. We will also include NYSBA filings with the FCC.

Click here for a link to FCC regulations.



Primer on EEO rules: Remembering Basic EEO Obligations

FCC Regulations: EEO Rules and Policies for Radio, Broadcast TV, and Non-Broadcast TV

EEO Compliance - Updated webinar on EEO compliance - Click here


Regulatory Fees: Click here

Application Fee Guide: FCC Issues Fee Guide for Broadcast Applications


New EAS Hand Book: FCC Issues New EAS Handbook

National Test: ETRS Form 1: Stations that Missed ETRS Form 1 Filing Deadline Should File Now

Televised Emergency Information - Accessibility Rules: FCC Reminds TV Broadcasters to Make Emergency Information Accessible to Persons with Disabilities

License Renewals

License Renewal Applications for Television Broadcast Stations

License Renewal Applications for Radio Broadcast Stations

Public File-Related Rules

FCC Extends Filing Deadlines for Online Public File Uploads and TV Renewals to Feb. 28

Pirate Radio

FCC Portal for Interference and Pirate Radio Complaints

FCC Issues Annual PIRATE Report to Congress

FCC Proposes $2.3 Million Fine for Pirate Station in Queens


NYSBA Files Against New, Burdensome FCC EAS Cyber Security Regulations

FCC Rules on Broadcast Sponsored Contests  

Several years ago, the FCC updated its broadcast-sponsored contest rules. The fundamental obligation is to disclose all material terms. The key change was to allow stations to disclose material information on the Internet. 


The text of the FCC’s broadcast-sponsored contest regulations can be found here.


A discussion of the rule can be found here.

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