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Online Sales Training

We offer members the best in online sales training to help you compete in today’s hypercompetitive marketplace. “In-person” sales training sessions can be found here. The following online courses are offered for free to employees of our member stations.

Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) Online Courses

We offer a suite of RAB online sales courses. Contact Trevor Elmendorf at to register for these courses.

Local Broadcast Sales    

Your station’s membership with the NYSBA includes full and complete access to Local Broadcast Sales' nine different services – all focused on broadcast selling.  Inside LBS, you will find world class training, the industry’s favorite monthly webinars, sales ideas, sales certification, sales research, and much more!  


Click here to discover all the sales resources waiting for you and your sellers in LBS.  


To create an LBS account:  

  1. Go to   

  2. Complete the short form on the home page

  3. That's it!  


Click here to create separate, personalized accounts for your entire sales team.  

P1 Learning: Ten-Minute Trainer Network

The ten-minute trainer network offers a holistic approach to sales and management. The online video training library is proven to be more effective than interactive courseware and just as effective as live training. Available topics include leadership, management, sales, HR compliance, creative, cybersecurity, customer service, health and wellness, and more. And the best part? They’re short, engaging, and include tests and downloadable student materials. On average we’re talking about courses that are 10 minutes or less.

Click here to learn more about the registration process.

If you are employed by a NYSBA member in good standing, you may register through the NYSBA registration link here.

Note: Do not register through the payment portal on the Ten Minute Trainer website. Instead, use the registration link provided above if you wish to access the service.


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