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Regulatory Policy Objectives


The New York State Broadcasters Association, Inc. is committed to ensuring that local radio and television stations are able to continue serving their communities. Whether providing daily news, entertainment, or extensive coverage during emergencies, local broadcasters provide critical information to their listeners and viewers. The policy positions taken by the New York State Broadcasters Association at both the federal and state level reflect this fundamental objective.

Radio and Television are Vital to New York's Economy: Local broadcasting is essential to job creation and the Empire State's overall economic health. Radio and television stations account for billions in direct, indirect, and simulative economic activity in New York State. This translates to tens of thousands of jobs across the state. An economic analysis by Woods & Poole economics can be found here.

Local Broadcasting Reaches all New Yorkers: We are the only media platform that can be accessed by all the citizens of New York. Local radio can be accessed by consumers in their cars and homes free of charge. Local television stations can be seen on cable and satellite systems. New Yorkers can also access local television stations, including digital subchannels, for free with just an antenna. We serve all of New York’s citizens – rich and poor, urban and rural.

Local Broadcasting Provides a Vital Communication Link During Emergencies: Unlike other communications systems–which often fail during emergencies–local radio and television stations remain on the air during emergencies to provide life-saving information. As former FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate noted, local broadcasters are the best sources of information during emergencies. We have worked closely with FEMA, the New York State Government, New York City, and counties across the state to develop a state-of-the-art emergency alert system.


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