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FCC Issues Annual PIRATE Report to Congress

As part of the PIRATE Act, the FCC must issue an annual report to Congress regarding its enforcement against illegal pirate radio stations in the country. The FCC just released its annual report. Unfortunately, COVID and lack of funding have delayed much of the pirate enforcement over the past few years. Frankly, it is not much of a report.

Last March, the FCC was given $5 million to fund pirate radio enforcement activities. The FCC appears to be moving forward: it is beginning to look at the markets in which it will conduct frequency sweeps to determine the number of illegal operations in the top five radio markets with the most illegal pirate activity. It has also taken significant steps against property owners allowing pirate stations to operate on their land or building. We hope the FCC will finally begin to move forward with increased enforcement.

You can see a copy of the Report to Congress here.



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