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Topical Webinars

The webinars listed below contain useful information on a variety of topics. Issues include management, marketing, sales, and FCC compliance. Webinars about political rules are located under regulatory.

  1. Media Staffing Network Sales Management - Click here

  2. New York Broadcast License Renewal - Click here (passcode: 734ZSp*N)

  3. "Future of AM Radio" Conference Panels - Click here

  4. Police Radio Encryption - Click here.

2024 Rising Above

Watch the virtual sales summit here.

LBS Sales "Year of the Customer 2024"Click here to read more

Session 1: "Establishing Customer Engagement as Your Competitive Selling Advantage" - View here

Session 2: "Mastering the Truth in Selling for Your Customers' Benefits and Successes!" - View here

Session 3: “Providing Consistent Creative “Surprise” for Your Customer!" - View here

Session 4: “Mastering Your Station’s Reputation for Advertisers, Prospects, and Community” - View here

Session 5: "Must Do's" to Become an Industry Expert for Your LOCAL Auto Dealers!" - View here

Session 6: "Social Media for Your Customers Isn't About Volume, It's About Differentiation" - View here

Session 7: "Transforming Your Money Mindset and Elevating Customer Service" - View here.

Session 8: "Tools to Master Revenue Growth From Your Clients" - View here.

Session 9: "Help Your Clients and Prospects Benefit from Consumer Research!" - View here.

Session 10: "Help Your Clients and Prospects Benefit from Texting!" - View here.

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