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FCC Reminds TV Broadcasters to Make Emergency Information Accessible to Persons with Disabilities

Recently, the FCC issued its annual Public Notice to remind video programming distributors (VPDs)—including broadcasters of their obligation to make televised emergency information accessible to persons with disabilities. The Public Notice also provides information for consumers on how to file complaints for noncompliance with this obligation.

Under the FCC’s rules (§79.2), emergency information is defined as “[i]nformation, about a current emergency, that is intended to further the protection of life, health, safety, and property, i.e., critical details regarding the emergency and how to respond to the emergency.” Examples of the types of emergencies covered by the rule include pandemics, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, tidal waves, earthquakes, icing conditions, heavy snows, widespread fires, discharge of toxic gases, widespread power failures, industrial explosions, civil disorders, school closings and changes in school bus schedules resulting from such conditions, and warnings and watches of impending changes in weather.

You can see the FCC’s Public Notice here.

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