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Advertising Regulations

Numerous federal and state regulations govern advertising. The following summarizes the major laws and regulations governing the advertisement of certain products. These laws are changing constantly. Accordingly, we urge stations to consult their own counsel. 

Alcohol & Tobacco

Alcohol and Tobacco Over the Airways

FDA Regulations for Advertising Tobacco Products: (You cannot run cigarette advertisements on broadcasting but may advertise other tobacco products provided they comply with FDA Rules.)

Lotteries/Games of Chance

Advertising Lotteries and Games of Chance

New York State Law on Sports Gaming Ads

Interpreting the New York Gaming Commission’s Rules on Advertising and Sports Wagering

NY Gaming Commission’s Proposed New Stricter Rules On Sports Gaming Advertisements

NY Gaming Commission Proposes Additional Sports Wagering Ad Regs

Cannabis Advertising Regulations

Federal: ​​Federal Cannabis Laws (as they pertain to broadcasting)

State: NY Office of Cannabis Management Adopts Disappointing Ad Regs

Advertising Charitable Gaming/Bingo

The FCC will generally look to compliance with state law.  You should obtain a written statement that the entity sponsoring the event has complied with all federal and NY state charitable gaming regulations.  The NY Charitable Gaming Regulations can be found at:

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