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TVB STUDY: Linear Television Has the Best Video Reach

The Television Bureau of Advertising (TVB) recently released its 2023 Media Comparisons study, which was conducted by GfK. The study examined the multi-media effectiveness of traditional, digital, and streaming services. The analysis also focuses on demographic information and what motivates consumers to learn more about a product or service. According to TVB:

“The 2023 Media Comparisons Study once again confirms the power of television and continues to highlight broadcast TV as the top medium for consumers.
Some key findings
  • TV has the highest reach and time spent of all media platforms studied, for all age groups and categories measured.

  • If streaming platforms have no advertising, advertisers cannot reach these viewers via streaming, but broadcast assets can reach most of them.

  • Broadcast websites add more reach to broadcast TV than cable or streaming.

  • More than four times as many respondents viewed programs with ads on linear TV on a larger screen (TV set) than on their smartphone.

  • Local broadcast TV is turned to most for local news and is the most trusted platform.

  • TV is the top advertising medium for purchase influence and motivating respondents to learn more about products.

  • Television ads are motivation to do further research online.”

You can access a summary of the TVB study here.

You can access an analysis of the study in TVNewscheck here.



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