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Pew Research: Local TV News Remains on Top, but Attitudes Are Changing

A recent study by the Pew Research Center focused on the changing relationship consumers have with local television news. The analysis titled “Americans’ Changing Relationship with Local News” reported both good and bad news. The report noted:

“While local television stations are still the most common source of local news beyond friends, family and neighbors, the share who often or sometimes get news there has declined from 70% to 64% in recent years.”

While a traditional television set remains the preferred method of receiving local news, Pew reported that consumers’ preferred pathways are changing.

“Fewer people now say they prefer to get local news through a television set (32%, down from 41% who said the same in 2018).
Americans are now more likely to say they prefer to get local news online, either through news websites (26%) or social media (23%).  Both of these numbers have increased in recent years.
Smaller shares prefer getting their local news from a print newspaper or on the radio (9% each).”

It must be remembered that while consumers may be looking at local news online, the key question is who is creating the news content. Local broadcasters create much of the news content that is viewed online. Thus, local broadcasting remains essential in the provision of local news. 

You can see Pew’s analysis titled “American’s Changing Relationship with Local News” here



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