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LBS Webinar: What Local Dealers Need You to Know Today! November 14, 2023, at Noon

Join us for an extraordinary opportunity to captivate local dealers and elevate your sales game! Get ready to make a lasting impression by securing appointments with the professionalism and finesse that demonstrates your ability to address their needs. Present yourself as a broadcast and digital seller who truly understands the auto world, steering clear of the regular, mundane, "station-centric chatter" dealers hear from other sales reps.

Come prepared to absorb invaluable insights and stay afterward to engage directly with our presenter! Ask him your questions about your local automotive landscape and get the information you need to succeed.

Don't miss this opportunity! Every serious broadcast seller and manager should be part of this transformative experience. Elevate your skills and multiply your success. Secure your spot today and be ready to take your dealer selling success to the next level.

LBS Auto Expert John Tkac is a renowned auto authority and will equip you with the tools you need to engage in high-level conversations with your dealers. These conversations translate into increased revenue for you. John brings a wealth of experience to the table, having managed one of the largest car dealer operations in America. John is a trusted consultant to broadcasters and dealers, making him the perfect guide for your journey to success.

This webinar is provided free of charge to NYSBA members in good standing.

You must register in advance. You may register here.


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