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LBS Free Webinar: The Thriving Podcast Landscape for Broadcasters Sept. 12th at Noon ET

Broadcasting and podcasting have evolved into integral components of the local and worldwide modern media landscape. If you sell, compete against, or want to be better acquainted with the complementary digital product, you will want to join us. Podcasting is a unique skill that combines a compelling blend of information, entertainment, and storytelling. Hear the strengths and weaknesses of how podcasts can expand your audience and your client’s advertising budgets.

Can you thrive in the modern era of on-demand consumption? It's more challenging than ever with listeners tuning in at their convenience. Podcasting allows the public to explore subjects that resonate with their passions, which can foster a sense of community among like-minded listeners. Broadcasters and podcasters will undoubtedly continue to shape the narrative of our ever-changing media landscape.

Andy Waits owns Podcast Axis, a service provider that assists broadcasters with their podcast development. This includes revenue development, bespoke coaching sessions, cutting-edge production services, and strategic networking opportunities. Waits has been a Sound Designer/Narrator for Spotify, Director of Production and Creative Services for Salem Communications (Portland), Air Personality for Westwood One Radio Networks, worked in the KABC-TV newsroom, and has filled additional roles at several other TV and Radio stations in small, medium, and large markets.

This webinar is offered free of charge to NYSBA members in good standing. Click here to register in advance!



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