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LBS Free Webinar: Mastering Long-Term Local Sales Strategies, Tuesday, October 10 at 12 noon Free LB

Starting a new month with an empty sales ledger is a tough spot for anyone in broadcast sales. It feels like a constant uphill battle. One that's equatable to Sisyphus pushing that boulder up the mountain, only to see it roll back down again.

Regardless of their size, what separates the top-billers in every market? The answer lies in having a monthly roster of 32 active accounts on the air. Here's their secret: LONG-TERM CONTRACTS. Yes, it's the annual contracts that hold the key to success. Just picture starting a fresh month at 75-85% of your sales goal!

Now is the ideal moment to approach local decision-makers with a pitch for long-term commitments if you want to secure a spot in their 2024 budgets. In this enlightening session, Paul Weyland will walk you through laying the groundwork for a long-term proposal on your station. You will gain insights into how to secure appointments with decision-makers and most importantly, how to deliver a presentation that will leave your client interested in the prospect of long-term business.

The webinar will feature Paul Weyland, who works with local radio and television stations across the country. He is constantly dealing with local direct clients. You will come away from the session fresh with great ideas that you can go out and pitch immediately. Because this is a Paul Weyland session, you can expect to be thoroughly entertained as you learn and professionally grow. During the Q&A portion of the session, Paul will also guide any product or service category you are currently working on, including those clients you are still trying to win over for holiday schedules.

This service is provided to NYSBA members in good standing free of charge. Click here to register.



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