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UK Radio’s Ad Effectiveness Underestimated by 92%

The effectiveness of radio has been based on measuring the effectiveness of the advertising 20 minutes after the broadcast.  However, a recent study by Radiocentre and Colourtext proved that this was too short a time to measure the true effectiveness of radio.  The report found that current attribution methods underestimate radio’s effectiveness by 92%. A recent article in Radio Ink noted:

The research demonstrates that it takes a full 19 hours for the effects of each radio advertisement to be fully realized, challenging the conventional measurement approach that captures only 8% of an ad’s effectiveness in the first 20 minutes following transmission. When the full impact of radio is accurately accounted for, the medium is shown to significantly enhance performance-led media campaigns. For example, radio advertising was found to boost daily web sessions by 9% and achieve these results twice as cost-efficiently as other demand-generation media.

While the analysis focuses on the United Kingdom, this analysis has implications for America’s radio industry.

You can see the report in Radio Ink here

You can see the complete Radiocentre study here.



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