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Survey for New York AM Stations

NYSBA opposes recent decisions by several automobile manufacturers to eliminate AM receivers from electric vehicles. To assist us in these efforts, we sent out a survey to all radio general managers in the stations requesting information about their AM stations. As we move forward, NYSBA would like to obtain more information about the AM stations in New York.

If you have an AM station and have not done so already, please complete this very brief survey. Kindly fill out one survey for each AM station that you own in NY or that is in your cluster. THE DEADLINE IS APRIL 14TH.

Data will be reported in the aggregate and no information will be attributed to individual stations. The contact information is for follow-up purposes and will not be included in any final report without your permission.

This is part of a larger, combined effort by state broadcast associations and the NAB to address this important issue. Our goal is to use this data and other information to educate policymakers about the need to keep AM radio in EV dashboards.

This is the first step in the process. We will be in touch with you regarding specific action steps!



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