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Radio Ink Warns Stations About Potential Small Market Radio Scam

In early August, Radio Ink posted an article warning stations about a possible overpayment marketing scam. Stations were informed that they were overpaid via a check deposited into their account and that payment should be issued back to cover the overpayment.

In the article Be Aware: Overpayment Scam Targeting Small-Market Stations, Radio Ink noted:

“The radio station indeed found an additional $40,800 deposited in their account, but upon scrutiny, KHTS discovered irregularities in the payment process, which raised suspicions. The funds were not wired as initially claimed but came as a check from a US Bank in Washington State. KHTS suspected that whoever was behind the deposit intended to stop payment on the check after receiving the overpaid amount, thereby executing a classic check overpayment scam.”

You can see the article in Radio Ink here.



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