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Pay Ranges Must Now Be Included on NYSBA Job Web Page Postings

As you know, NYSBA has an extensive web portal listing job availabilities for stations throughout New York State. Pursuant to the new job transparency law, stations submitting job listings to our website must now include a salary range in their posting. This includes

new and existing listings. The NY Department of Labor issued the following guidance:


  • A pay range must include a minimum and maximum annual salary or hourly compensation rate for a job, promotion, or transfer opportunity that the employer in good faith believes to be accurate at the time of the posting.

  • If the employer does not plan to offer a range but instead plans to provide a single fixed rate, such as $30 an hour, the fixed rate must be listed.

  • A pay range cannot be open-ended. For example, “$20+ an hour” is not allowed.

  • A range of pay cannot include other forms of compensation or benefits such as employer-provided insurance, paid leave, or retirement savings. However, employers are encouraged to disclose such benefits separately.

  • If compensation for an opportunity is completely commission-based, employers must state that clearly when advertising the opportunity.

  • The law specifies employers must make a good faith effort to determine pay range.

We will be sending notices to all stations with job listings on the NYSBA webpage to update their submissions to comply with the new law.

If you have any questions please contact our Communications Director, Trevor Elmendorf at

To see if your station has a current job listing go to our website here.

You can see the NY Department of Labor FAQ page here.

You can see a fact sheet for employees here.

You can see a fact sheet for employers here.



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