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NYSBA Offers SBE Certification Courses as New Member Benefit

In an effort to enhance the technical and engineering aspects of broadcasting, the Board of Directors has authorized NYSBA to subsidize the cost of member station employees that want to take certification courses offered by the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE). This member benefit is open to station employees that receive a W-2 from the station. It does not apply to engineers that are hired by stations as independent contractors. SBE offers a number of certification courses including:

  • CBT – Certified Broadcast Technologist

  • CBNT – Certified Broadcast Networking Technologist

  • CEA – Certified Audio Engineer

  • CEV – Certified Video Engineer

  • CBRE – Certified Broadcast Radio Engineer

  • CBTE – Certified Broadcast Television Engineer

  • CBNE – Certified Broadcast Networking Engineer

  • CSRE – Certified Senior Radio Engineer

  • CSTE – Certified Senior Television Engineer

  • CPBE – Certified Professional Broadcast Engineer

  • 8-VSB – 8-VSB Specialist

  • AMD – AM Directional Specialist

  • ATSC3 – ATSC 3 Specialist

  • DRB – Digital Radio Broadcast Specialist

  • CTO – Certified Television Operator’s Handbook

  • CRO – Radio Operator’s Certification Handbook

It also offers training in several engineering programs such as the Bates Technical College, Cleveland Institute of Electronics, and the Georgia Piedmont Technical College. Please note the college programs are limited to one person per company.

For more information about the SBE certification courses click here.

To participate, please contact Nora Kipp at



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