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New York Army National Guard Honored for Its Service by NYSBA

The New York Army National Guard (NYARNG) was honored recently for its exemplary work in service to New York. The prestigious “Serving New York” award was presented to the NYARNG at the New York Broadcasters Leadership and Hall of Fame Luncheon in New York City.

Staff Sergeant Manuel Atiencia accepted the award on behalf of NYARNG. In presenting the award, NYSBA President David Donovan observed, “The New York National Guard is always there for us, saving lives during emergencies and protecting our freedoms. It is an integral part of every community in the Empire State. We are honored to partner with NYARNG to help New Yorkers understand its mission by broadcasting its messages on radio and television stations across the state.

You can find more information about the NY Army National Guard here.

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