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FCC to Eliminate Junk Fees in Cable and Satellite Bills

One of the continuing problems with cable and satellite bills is figuring out exactly what services you are purchasing. More transparency is needed. According to the Commission, “The FCC aims to eliminate the misleading practice of describing video programming costs as a tax, fee, or surcharge.” To be specific, according to the FCC:

“These new rules require cable operators and direct broadcast satellite (DBS) providers to state the total cost of video programming service clearly and prominently, including broadcast retransmission consent, regional sports programming, and other programming-related fees, as a prominent single line item on subscribers’ bills and in promotional materials.  The record demonstrates that charges and fees for video programming provided by cable and DBS providers are often obscured in misleading promotional materials and bills, which causes significant and costly confusion for consumers.”

The cable industry has long opposed this approach. We expect them to continue their opposition.

You can see the FCC decision here.

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