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FCC Goes After Additional NY Pirate Radio Stations

The FCC continues to take enforcement actions against illegal radio stations operating in New York. This time, it involved illegal stations operating in Brooklyn and Scarsdale. Under the PIRATE Act, land and building owners may be held liable for allowing illegal radio stations to operate on their property. 

The FCC notified property owners in

  • Scarsdale, NY:  Illegal station operating on 90.9 FM.

  • Brooklyn, NY – Illegal station operating on 107.9 FM.

The FCC informed each landowner that under the PIRATE Act, a landowner may face a fine of up to $2.3 million for allowing an illegal pirate radio station to operate on their property. We applaud the FCC’s continued efforts to eliminate illegal radio stations in New York.

You can see the Scarsdale Notice here.

You can see the Brooklyn notice here.



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