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Attribution is Key to Radio’s ROI  

Over the years, radio has had several issues regarding how to measure performance. In a recent article in Inside Radio, RAB Sr. VP Tammy Greenberg explains how a number of new attribution sources will help radio. In the article, she stated:

“Radio can be a full-funnel solution for brands, both on its own and by amplifying the performance of other media,” Greenberg writes in “If You Dream It, Radio Can Measure It.” Depending on the advertiser’s goal, there are a litany of methodologies to measure and improve radio’s return on ad spend: attribution, multitouch attribution, upper-funnel lift studies, engagement neuroscience, creative evaluations, and media mix models.”

She noted further that for attribution, “Each requires methodology suited to the form in which advertising content is delivered.”

You can see Greenberg’s analysis in Inside Radio here



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