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AM Radio Vote Delayed in House Commerce Committee

Last week, we reported that the House Commerce Committee was scheduled to vote on the AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act (H.R. 8449).  Unfortunately, the Committee canceled the vote. 

The cancellation was not due to any specific problems with the AM legislation. Rather, the vote was delayed due to disagreements over the American Privacy Rights Act (H.R. 8818). The data privacy legislation would set rules regarding the misuse of an individual’s digital data. Because of the disagreement, the scheduled meeting to vote on all bills was canceled at the last minute.

Unfortunately, any delay could have a significant negative impact on getting the AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act passed this year. There may be only one or two opportunities to schedule a vote in the House Energy and Commerce Committee before the August recess. Moreover, because it is an election year, Congress will adjourn early.

It is important that we urge members of Congress to move this bill as soon as possible. Accordingly, we are urging stations to run on-air spots created by the NAB.

You can access NAB’s spots and scripts here.

You can access more information about the AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act (H.R. 8449) here.



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