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House Commerce Committee Expected to Vote on AM Radio Bill this Week

Last month, we reported that the AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act (H.R.8449) passed the House Subcommittee on Innovation, Data, and Commerce. We anticipate that the legislation will be scheduled for a vote before the full House Energy and Commerce Committee on Thursday of this week (Of course, dates sometimes slip.)


The legislation (H.R. 8449) is a slightly revised version of the original AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act (H.R. 3413). While it gives automakers some additional time to come into compliance, NYSBA strongly supports the bill (H.R. 8449). Importantly, the legislation is exactly the same as the Senate’s version of the bill (S.1669), which will make it easier to pass.


New York has two members of Congress serving on the House Commerce Committee. Congressman Paul Tonko (D. Albany) was one of the initial co-sponsors of the legislation. Congresswoman Yvette Clarke (D. Brooklyn) also serves on the Commerce Committee. We have met with her on numerous occasions and believe she will support the legislation as well. NYSBA is contacting both offices to ensure they will support the legislation.


Assuming the legislation passes the House Commerce Committee, it will then be ready for a vote on the House Floor. More than 250 members of the House support the legislation. To date, 17 members of the New York delegation support the legislation. 

  • Rep. D'Esposito, Anthony [R-NY-4]

  • Rep. Espaillat, Adriano [D-NY-13] 

  • Rep. Goldman, Daniel S. [D-NY-10]              

  • Rep. LaLota, Nick [R-NY-1]              

  • Rep. Langworthy, Nicholas A. [R-NY-23]     

  • Rep. Lawler, Michael [R-NY-17]     

  • Rep. Malliotakis, Nicole [R-NY-11] 

  • Rep. Meng, Grace [D-NY-6]            

  • Rep. Molinaro, Marcus J. [R-NY-19]             

  • Rep. Morelle, Joseph D. [D-NY-25]               

  • Rep. Nadler, Jerrold [D-NY-12]      

  • Rep. Ryan, Patrick [D-NY-18]          

  • Rep. Stefanik, Elise M. [R-NY-21]  

  • Rep. Tenney, Claudia [R-NY-24]    

  • Rep. Tonko, Paul [D-NY-20]            

  • Rep. Velázquez, Nydia M. [D-NY-7]              

  • Rep. Williams, Brandon [R-NY-22] 

We will be working to keep their support on the House floor. We will continue to seek to gain the support of New York members of the House who are not on the list presented above. 


On the Senate side, the legislation (S. 1669) has already passed the Senate Commerce Committee and is ready for a vote on the floor. Senator Gillibrand supports the legislation, and we will work to solidify her vote. Majority Leader Schumer controls the schedule, and we will be working to urge him to bring the bill to the Senate floor or attach it to “must pass” legislation.


Even though there is strong support, with the November election on the horizon, time is running out to get legislation passed this session. To move this along, we will be asking stations to broadcast on-air messages (read this story for more information).


You can see the text of the revised AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act (H.R. 8449) here.



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