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LBS Sales “Year of the Customer” Sessions Archived

Last week’s LBS three-day seminar, “Year of the Customer,” was a tremendous success. The seminar featured presentations from the most influential sales, creative, and leadership figures serving the LOCAL broadcast industry today! During the ten fast-paced sessions, sellers and managers were given fresh ideas, solid motivation, and proven strategies for becoming their clients’ and prospects’ LOCAL media champions! Speakers included:

  • Gary Moore, President of Local Broadcast Sales 

  • Melody Spann Cooper, Chair and CEO of Midway Broadcasting 

  • Jeff Schmidt, SVP of Professional Development, Radio Advertising Bureau 

  • Paul Weyland, LBS Selling Expert 

  • John Tkac, LBS Automotive Expert 

  • Blaine and Honey Parker, LBS Creative Experts 

  • Lori Lewis, LBS Social Media Expert 

  • Chris Fleming, President of CD Media Consulting 

  • John Marling, President of Pulse Research 

  • Bryan Anderson, President of 

  • Eric Moore, Vice President of Local Broadcast Sales 


LBS will be providing archived access to each of the ten sessions in the weeks ahead.  

The first session, "Establishing Customer Engagement as Your Competitive Selling Advantage," can be accessed here.  

Paul Weyland's session on "Mastering the Truth in Selling for your Customers’ Benefit and Success!" will be available next week.




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