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White House FCC Pick Anna Gomez to Have Confirmation Hearing

As we previously reported, the White House has selected Anna Gomez to be its nominee for the Democratic vacancy at the FCC. Ms. Gomez is an experienced Communications policymaker having worked at the FCC, NTIA, State Department, and in private practice. She is more than qualified for the job and will likely be confirmed.

On Thursday, June 22nd the Senate Commerce, Science, and Technology Committee will hold a confirmation hearing on the nomination of Ms. Gomez as well as the renomination of FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr and Commissioner Geoffrey Starks. All are expected to be approved by the Committee and ultimately the entire Senate.

The confirmation of Ms. Gomez will eliminate the FCC's current deadlock. We expect the FCC will be able to move forward with its agenda. This could include a reinstatement of the “net-neutrality rules” along with a number of regulatory measures. We could see the Commission tighten up on a number of broadcast regulations, including its ownership rules. We will keep a close eye on these issues as they develop.

You can access more information regarding the Senate Commerce Committee hearing here.

You can see Nominee Anna Gomez’s bio here.



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