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TV Stations Not Certifying BAS Licenses by Nov. 29th Will Lose Interference Protection/Reimbursement

TV stations holding Broadcast Auxiliary Service (BAS) licenses (e.g., Studio Transmitter Links/ENG) in the 12.7-13.25 GHz (12.7 GHz) band have until November 29 to file a certification to protect their operations or to entitle them to reimbursement should they have to make technical changes.

The certification will show the FCC that the information on the license is correct and that the BAS service is operating as authorized. If the information is not accurate, a broadcaster must file a modification to update the FCC records with the correct information by the November 29 deadline.

The FCC is considering repurposing parts of this spectrum for wireless users. Accurate information is essential to protect BAS licenses from interference or to give stations the appropriate level of reimbursement.

You can find more information about the certification in the FCC’s Public Notice here.

You can access more information from noted FCC attorney David Oxenford here.

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