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The Copyright Royalty Board Broadcast Fees Increased

The Copyright Royalty Board issued two notices concerning a cost-of-living increase in fees. The current rates have been in place since 2021. The cost of living increases are part of the CRB’s initial decision for the 2021 to 2025 period. The increases will affect broadcasters as follows.

The first notice deals with the cost of living increases for online webcasters, including broadcasters that stream programming online or through a mobile app. These fees are paid to Sound Exchange and will increase to $.0025 per performance starting on January 1, 2024. The 20203 fee was $.0024.

The second increase concerns non-commercial college and high school radio stations that are not affiliated with NPR or CPB. The yearly fees for SESAC and GMR will increase to $194 in 2024, up from $188 in 2023.

You can see the notice regarding Sound Exchange here.

You can see the notice regarding increases to college and high school radio stations here.

You can see a full discussion of these royalty issues from noted communications Attorney David Oxenford here.



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