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Rochester Rolls Out Next Gen TV

Last week, television stations in Rochester rolled out Next Gen TV. The four stations that commenced providing services in ATSC 3.0 were WHAM (ABC), WROC (CBS), WUHF (Fox), and WXXI Public Media (PBS).

The rollout of Next Gen TV is moving forward. Sixty percent of Americans now have access to Next Gen (ATSC 3.0) services in television markets across the country. In addition to Rochester, these services can be seen in the Albany, Syracuse, and Buffalo markets. Stations in New York City are working to provide Next Gen Service to the Big Apple.

This new transmission system will afford local television stations new business opportunities. The IP-based transmission system uses the same backbone as other streaming media platforms. Next Gen TV lets local TV stations better personalize their broadcasts with information and interactive features. It is designed to bring together over-the-air broadcasting with Over-the-Top content. Next Gen TV delivers better video quality and immersive audio to viewers. It will provide greater capability for advanced emergency alerting. Next Gen TV offers 4K ultra high-definition video quality, theater-like sound, and innovative new features to enhance and expand broadcast viewing. It also allows for enhanced mobile reception. As a digital-based platform, it is easily adaptable to future technologies.

You can see more information on the Rochester rollout here.

You can find more information about Next Gen TV on the ATSC website here.



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