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Removing AM From Electric Vehicles is a Mistake

A recent analysis by Westwood One demonstrates that it would be a mistake to take Am receivers out of electric vehicles. The analysis references new Nielsen data:

"The Nielsen Fall 2022 survey reveals:
  • 82,346,800 Americans listen to AM radio monthly

  • One out of three American AM/FM radio listeners are reached monthly by AM radio

  • 57% of the AM radio audience listens to News/Talk stations, the very outlets that Americans turn to in times of crisis and breaking local news"

Of course, Ford has signaled that it plans to take AM radios out of its electric pickup trucks. Yet according to the analysis: "Ford owners represent 20% of all U.S. AM radio listeners and are more likely to listen to AM radio.”

You can see the complete analysis here.

You can access a video briefing on these findings by Pier Bouvard here.



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