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NYSBA Files for News Vehicle Exception to NYC Congestion Pricing Plan

As many of you know, the New York Mass Transit Authority’s Traffic Mobility Board is in the process of implementing a congesting pricing plan for Manhattan. The goal is to reduce traffic in the core of the city. Unfortunately, the congestion pricing system will significantly raise the costs of news coverage. This will make it difficult to provide full coverage of news throughout Manhattan.

News vehicles are essential tools in providing the citizens of New York with vital information. Because they are so essential, news vehicles are unique and unlike any other entity that is requesting an exemption. Without them, journalists and broadcasters would not be able to provide breaking news or life-saving information during emergencies.

Obtaining an exemption will be a difficult task. Nearly every business in New York City has requested an exemption. Nevertheless, we will continue to push for relief.

You can see a copy of our exemption request here.

You can find more information about congestion pricing here.



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