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New York Adopts Pay Transparency Law Effective Sept. 17

Recently, Governor Hochul signed legislation that would establish a statewide pay transparency standard, which would require employers to disclose compensation or range of compensation to applicants and employees in job advertisements.

The NYS Department of Labor is directed to issue implementation regulations and run a public awareness campaign to inform employers of their new duties. We will keep you updated regarding the new proposed regulations.

This will impact the information NYSBA will request from stations when listing jobs on our website. It will also affect advertisements you accept regarding employment opportunities in your market. Also, the law does not preempt local pay transparency regulations. Accordingly, the NY City pay transparency laws will remain in place. Remember, the law does not go into effect until September 17, 2023.

You can see Governor Hochul’s press release here.

You can see the text of the law that was signed by Governor Hochul here.



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