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Free Political Rules Webinar on Nov. 29th

With Presidential elections, elections that may determine control of the US House and Senate, and many local elections, there are predictions that 2024 will be the biggest year ever for political advertising. Already, we are seeing many ads for candidates for elections in 2024 – and we are already witnessing disputes over the content of those ads. Are you up to date on all the FCC rules that govern your sale of political ads? Do you know who you must sell political ads to, the rates that you can charge, and all the paperwork that is required – including the latest on the online political file?

On November 29, the staff of the FCC’s Office of Political Programming – Bobby Baker, Gary Schonman, and Sima Nilsson – will be on hand in a webinar moderated by David Oxenford of the DC law firm Wilkinson Barker Knauer, LLP. They will provide a refresher on the rules that you need to know to prepare for the 2024 election season and highlight the potential issues that may arise with political candidates and issue advertisers on your stations. Be sure that you avoid any of the problems that can occur in your sales of political advertising in 2024 by signing up for this timely webinar.

NYSBA is working with the Michigan State Broadcasters Association to provide this webinar to members in good standing for free.

You may register in advance for the webinar here.

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