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FCC Issues Small Entity Program Origination Guide for FM Boosters

As we reported earlier, the FCC will now allow FM boosters to provide 3 minutes of original programming per house. Until final rules are adopted, the Commission will allow such operation as an experimental license. Stations may apply with the FCC for such experimental authority starting on May 16th. 

Recently, the FCC issued a guide to stations seeking to take advantage of the new rules:

 “In accordance with Section 212 of the Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Act of 1996, this Small Entity Compliance Guide (Guide) is intended to help small entities—small businesses, small organizations (non-profits), and small governmental jurisdictions—comply with the rules adopted in the above-referenced Federal Communications Commission (FCC or Commission) rulemaking dockets. This Guide is not intended to replace or supersede these rules, but to facilitate compliance with the rules.  Although we have attempted to cover all parts of the rules that might be especially important to small entities, the coverage may not be exhaustive.  This Guide cannot anticipate all situations in which the rules apply.  Furthermore, the Commission retains the discretion to adopt case-by-case approaches, where appropriate, that may differ from this Guide.”

Again, you must apply through the experimental license process. You cannot begin broadcasting on an FM booster station without first getting experimental authority. 

You can access the FCC’s guide here.

You can access the FCC’s new FM program origination booster rules here.



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