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EDISON: Listeners Aged 25-54 Tune In to AM/FM Radio Streams Over Other Ad-Supported Audio Services

It is often assumed that the audience for AM/FM radio consists of listeners who access the service through traditional radios. A new analysis by Edison Research notes that consumers remain loyal to their favorite AM/FM stations while streaming. A recent article in Inside Radio summarized the research:

“Listeners aged 25-54 spend more time listening to AM/FM radio streams than to ad-supported streaming audio services. That’s the latest finding in a four-part Weekly Insights series from Edison Research focusing on some lesser-known stats about broadcast radio and how the medium displays certain strengths, particularly when compared with pureplay streaming services.
The term ‘AM/FM radio’ typically conjures up images of listening through a traditional radio receiver but it also includes the online streams of stations, which have a significant audience of their own. ‘When we think of radio, we have to think of it as a product, not just a device,’ Edison points out.”

You can access the results of Edison Research in an article appearing in Inside Radio here.



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