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Don’t Be Late Filing Quarterly Issues/Programs Lists

As we have noted on numerous occasions, you must be timely when uploading your quarterly issues programs lists into your online public file. The FCC’s Media Bureau just fined a station $9,000 for failing to upload its quarterly issues programs list in a timely manner. The station was late for 10 quarters. The Media Bureau noted:

“Issues/programs lists must be placed in the station’s OPIF by the tenth day of the succeeding calendar quarter and copies must be retained until final action on the station’s next license renewal application. On September 29, 2020, the Licensee filed its Application. A staff inspection of the Station’s OPIF revealed that the Licensee failed to upload some copies of its issues/programs lists by the deadline established in section 73.3526(e)(11)(i) of the Rules. The Licensee did not file 10 quarterly lists and provided no explanation  but rather stated that it had timely filed the lists after it returned the Station to the air in May 2016.  Licensee uploaded missing files only after Commission staff alerted it to the deficiency.”

Again, please make sure you upload your issues/program lists on time.

You can see the Media Bureau’s decision here.






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