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Aussie Study: Radio Significantly Improves Campaign Effectiveness

An article in Inside Radio reported on a new study conducted by Commercial Radio & Audio, an Australian research firm. The study found that including radio as a component in an overall media strategy improved effectiveness significantly. The story reported:

“Investing just 11% of a campaign budget in radio will double its effectiveness, according to a study conducted by Commercial Radio & Audio, an Australian trade association.  The study – conducted in collaboration with Professor Mark Ritson, a respected marketing educator – set out to better understand the impact of how changes in radio spending can directly influence an ad campaign’s effectiveness.”

The article stated:

“The study concluded that positive ESOV campaigns drive stronger business effects when radio is in the mix. Among the findings: brand impact was 13% higher in campaigns with radio.  And campaigns incorporating radio exhibited substantial effects on the brand, leading to larger increases in mental availability, and consequently stronger business results.  The researchers concluded that the larger mental availability gains when radio is included underpin stronger business results.”

We believe these results are easily transferrable to the challenges confronting radio stations in the United States.

You can see the results of the study reported in Inside Radio here.

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