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The Need for Uniform TV Measurement

Over the past several years, there has been considerable debate among the top companies providing data for television broadcasting. Recently, the Media Ratings Council approved Comscore and Video Amp. A recent article in Ad Exchanger focused on this topic. The key appears to be “first-party” data. 

 “Still, buyers and sellers need some sort of standardization to feel confident transacting on alternative currencies.
Advertisers can expect more consistency from their measurement partners as brands build up more first-party data and incorporate it into media planning, Muller said.  With first-party data, measurement companies can better attribute the viewership overlap between streaming services to provide deduped reach and frequency.”

The article provides insight into the competing companies providing data for television broadcasting. 

You can see the article in Ad Exchanger here


You can access more information about the Media Ratings Council here



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