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Advertising: Radio Listeners Talk About the “Big Game”

Obviously, the audience reach during the “Big Game” commands high prices. However, a recent survey by Katz Media indicates that follow-up discussions on radio should be included in the advertising mix. The study was reported in a recent edition of Inside Radio:

“To an on-field rematch to a pop superstar in the celebrity box, this year’s Super Bowl had plenty to talk about regardless of whether it was on a sports-talk station or a CHR morning show.  And talk they did.  A new Katz Media survey finds that seven in ten (72%) listeners report hearing on-air conversations about the big game during their daily radio listening in the two days after the Kansas City Chiefs left the field victorious.”

The article explained further:

“Helping make the case for why adding some radio to the media plan is a good play for advertisers looking to expand their reach beyond the living room, the Katz survey of more than 500 radio listeners shows that a lot of the conversations people say they heard about the Super Bowl came while they were in the car. Two-thirds say they heard discussions while driving in the car, by far the most common location for both men and women.  Super Bowl engagement also continued while listeners were at work, for 13% of men and 7% of women.  And even though at-home listening is not as prevalent, the survey shows four in ten listeners reported hearing Super Bowl discussions on the radio from the comfort of their homes and home offices – with men (43%) more likely than women (36%) to have heard game-related talk while home.”

The article goes on to describe why radio should be part of any advertising campaign surrounding the “Big Game.” Of course, the same analysis could apply to other events, such as the season-ending NCAA basketball tournaments and the Stanley Cup finals.


You can see the full analysis in Inside Radio here.

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