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US Ad Market Shows Gains

At the beginning of the year, there was a fear that the U.S. economy may be moving toward a recession. As we go to press, those fears have been attenuated somewhat. A recent article in Inside Radio reported on the positive signs in this year’s advertising market:

“Since April 2023, ad spending has managed to stay in the plus column when comparing each month to that of a year ago, according to Guideline's U.S. Ad Market Tracker, powered by Standard Media Index.
For January 2024, the news is even better, as the month's year-over-year percent growth nearly maintains that of December's, helping to put thoughts of a recession even further in the rear-view mirror.”

The conclusion is based on an analysis in the Media Post. The analysis shows a discernable increase in ad spending for this year.

You can see the article in Inside Radio here.

You can see a more detailed analysis of the Ad Market Tracker prepared by the Standard Media Index in an article appearing in the Media Post here.

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