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FCC Proposes $3,000 Fine to "Class A” for Late Filed Issues/Programs Lists

As we have noted in the past, stations must file their quarterly issues/programs lists on time. The FCC recently focused on a “Class A” non-commercial station in Massachusetts. Documents were uploaded between one day and one year late.  According to the FCC:

“In total, the Licensee failed to upload in a timely manner to the Station’s OPIF a copy of the Station’s issue/programs lists for one quarter and copies of the Station’s children’s programming reports for six quarters. These lists were between one day and over one year late. We therefore find that the Licensee has apparently willfully and repeatedly violated sections 73.3526(e)(11)(i) and (iii) of the Rules.”

The FCC is going to remain strict with respect to public file enforcement. Stations are urged to redouble their efforts to make sure they meet all their public and political file requirements in a timely manner.

You can see the FCC’s Notice of Apparent Liability here.



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