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Truthset Study Casts Doubt on Online Media Targeting

A recent study casting doubt on online advertising appeared in an article from Inside Radio. The study was conducted by Truthset. According to the article:

“Ad buyers often point to digital media’s richer datasets to explain why more of their dollars are going online. But a new study is casting doubt about just how accurate the data used by media buyers really is. The analysis by Truthset in partnership with The Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement shows only half (51%) of the digital targeting and audience measurement data is accurate."

Truthset examined 15 different data providers, analyzing the linkages between 3.9 billion anonymous email records and 90% of known U.S. postal addresses. Truthset then validated the information against the U.S. Census Bureau, Pew Research Center, and a variety of other independent, self-reported, and declared data from more than 20 million records. The findings were presented at the CIMM Summit, the annual gathering of media researchers.”

The analysis provides insight into the effectiveness of online media targeting. It is worth reading.

You can see the article in Inside Radio here.



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