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Support Grows to Keep AM Radios in Automobiles

A number of electric car manufacturers including BMW, Volkswagen, Mazda, and Tesla are taking AM radio receivers out of their electric vehicles. Ford will be taking AM receivers out of all its vehicles.

We are going to fight for AM radio. Nationwide, more than 82 million people tune into AM radio each week. There are more than 161 AM stations in New York State. We are not alone in this fight. We are beginning to see a bipartisan coalition forming on this issue. The following organizations have sent letters to Congress supporting AM:

National Association of Farm Broadcasting - click here to read

National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters - click here to read

Former FEMA Executives - click here to read

Recently, Rep. Mike Gallagher (R. MI) and Josh Gottheimer (R. NJ) sent a letter to FEMA asking what would happen if AM was removed from automobiles. You can see the letter here.

This is just the beginning, there will be much more to come. NAB has set up a website on this issue. The website includes a direct email connection so you can send members of Congress an email asking them to keep AM radio in automobiles. You can access the NAB website on the issue here.

NYSBA, the NAB, and other state broadcast associations will keep fighting to keep AM in automobiles.



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