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Senate Cannabis Legislation Comes Down to the Wire

NYSBA and other state broadcasting associations continue to seek a legislative solution that will allow stations to accept cannabis advertising under federal law. This may come down to the last day of the session. We have pursued two tracks.

Safe Advertising Legislation: There was little need to focus on the House because it already passed broad legislation legalizing cannabis. The Senate is more complex.

As we go to press, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is in the process of negotiating a compromise cannabis bill. This legislation does not completely decriminalize cannabis on a federal level. It is narrower and addresses specific issues. Leader Schumer wants to help us change the law to allow us to accept cannabis advertising consistent with state law. This will not be easy. It is possible the Senate will pass a very narrow bill that focuses solely on banking. We are working with other state broadcast associations to gain support from Republican Senators in other states. Stay tuned for updates.

Appropriations: We are also working on appropriations language that will prevent the FCC from penalizing stations for accepting cannabis advertising. This language passed the House, but it will be tough sledding in the Senate as there is Republican opposition. More to follow soon.



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