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Rep. Josh Gottheimer Asks NHTSA to Require Labels for Cars Without AM Radio


There is tremendous support for the AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act. The House bill, H.R.  3413, has more than 200 co-sponsors, and the Senate bill, S.1669, has 45 co-sponsors. While we are waiting for Congress to move the bills, the bill’s original sponsor in the House, Rep. Gottheimer (D-NJ), asked NHTSA to require auto without AM radios to have labels. In writing to NHTSA, he stated:

“I am writing to request that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration take action against auto manufacturers that exclude AM radio reception from their motor vehicles. I urge you to require them to display a safety warning on the car window “sticker price” that states: “Warning: No AM Radio.  Vehicle Unsafe in Certain Emergencies.” This safety warning should be required by auto manufacturers until H.R.3413 (S.1669) — the AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act of 2023, requiring life-saving AM radio reception in all motor vehicles — is passed into law.”

We think this is a great idea while the legislation is moving through the process. NYSBA continues to push for this legislation.


You can see the complete letter from Rep. Gottheimer here




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