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Reminder: Quarterly Issues Programs List Due April 10

This is a gentle reminder that you must upload your quarterly issues programs list to the station’s online public inspection file by April 10. Remember these lists are important:  

“Quarterly Issues/Programs Lists are required for all commercial and noncommercial full-power radio and TV stations (including Class A TV stations).  These Lists are required by the FCC to demonstrate how a broadcast station served the needs and interests of its community of license and its service area. Serving the needs and interests of a station’s service area is required by the Communications Act, and the Quarterly Issues/Programs Lists are the only documents required by the Commission to be routinely prepared to demonstrate to the public how a station has been providing that service.  The Lists must demonstrate that the station has met its obligation to serve the public interest through issue-responsive programming.” 

The FCC now has the ability to examine your online file from Washington to see if it has been filed on time. The FCC will take action against the stations that file late. Make sure your quarterly lists are in order and filed on time.

You can find a good summary of the Quarterly Issues Programs List requirements here.

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