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Reminder: Include Community of License in Your Station’s Hourly ID Announcement

The FCC’s Enforcement Bureau issued a Notice of Violation to an AM station after an agent, on a single occasion, did not hear the station’s community of license in its station identification. The FCC’s rule 47 CFR § 73.1201(b)(1) states:

“Official station identification shall consist of the station's own call letters immediately followed by the community or communities specified in its license as the station's location.”

Legal top-of-the-hour station identifications must state the station’s call letters and the station’s city of license, with nothing in between (except—at the station's discretion— its frequency). The station has 20 days to explain its omission and outline steps to correct the problem. While the Enforcement Bureau did not fine the station, it reserved the right to take additional action at a later date.

This is a reminder not to forget to include your community of license in your hourly station identifications.

You can see the Enforcement Bureaus Notice here.

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