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NYSBA Welcomes New Director of Communications, Trevor Elmendorf

The New York State Broadcasters Association is pleased to announce that Trevor Elmendorf has taken over as the new Director of Communications. Trevor will replace Nora Kipp's role of overseeing all things related to social media, content creation, newsletter distribution, and member engagement and billing for the association.

Trevor is a recent graduate of Siena College and majored in Sports-Communications. He took countless journalism courses where he learned about the industry and how to produce news for television. He also wrote entertainment articles for The Promethean, Siena’s bi-weekly newspaper.

Trevor has a variety of interests that include watching movies, playing soccer, reading books, and being outdoors. He grew up in the Capital Region and has a twelve-year-old Boston Terrier named Peanut. In his free time, he also enjoys visiting museums and historical sites around New York State. He is thrilled to be joining the New York State Broadcasters Association!



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