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NYSBA Applications Granted: Broadcast News Teams Eligible to Obtain Body Armor

Earlier this year, New York passed a new restrictive gun law. Part of that law limited the ability of persons to obtain body armor. The law did allow certain professions, such as police officers to acquire body armor. The New York Secretary of State’s office set up a procedure to expand the eligibility for certain professions that would be allowed to obtain body armor.

Last summer, NYSBA filed a series of applications on behalf of broadcast journalists and news crews. We noted that providing the news from crime scenes and riots can be dangerous and that reporters and any professionals helping to provide news coverage should be eligible to obtain body armor. In the applications, we listed all possible technical and production professions.

Last week, the New York Secretary of State’s office granted our applications. Broadcast journalists and all those associated with news crews will now be eligible to obtain and possess body armor.

Importantly, the new law will be enforced by local police departments. It is important for local stations to inform police departments in your areas that your news crews are eligible to obtain a possess body armor.

You can find the link listing exempt professions including journalists and newscasters here.

You can find the decision granting our applications for news crews here.

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