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Local Radio a Leader in Local Digital Ad Sales

A recent study by Borrell indicates that local radio stations are leading the pack when it comes to digital ad sales. As reported in Inside Radio, Borrell found the following:

“Exclusive findings from Borrell Associates’ first advertiser survey of 2023 confirm that radio is crushing it in the local digital sales arena. For the first time, radio claimed the highest percentage of all local advertisers – not just those who buy radio – who purchase digital advertising from a local media company.
Nearly one third (32%) of all respondents (again, not just radio buyers) said they were buying digital advertising from a radio company. Radio eclipsed all other local media channels – 26% of buyers surveyed purchased digital advertising from a newspaper company, 19% from an agency, 18% from a local TV station, and 9% from a local cable system.”

You can access the article in Inside Radio here.



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