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LBS 2nd Tuesday Webinar: Why It's Tougher to Set Appointments Today and What to Do About It! April 9, Noon EST

Today’s business owners are more skeptical than ever. Key local direct business and service provider decision-makers work hard for their money … and they believe you should do the same - specifically for them. Some skills and philosophies that were effective for broadcasters and digital sellers to earn appointments with potential advertisers and even former clients are less effective today.

LBS Local Direct Expert Paul Weyland gives you great new ways to get the attention of the people you need the most to grow your long-term local direct business. This session is for salespeople, managers, promotions people, and production directors, especially those challenged to make things happen sooner rather than later.

Paul Weyland works with local radio and television stations across the country. He’s constantly dealing with local direct clients. You’ll leave the session fresh with great ideas; you can pitch immediately. And because this is a Paul Weyland session, you can expect to be thoroughly entertained as you learn and professionally grow. 

This webinar is free for NYSBA members in good standing.

Register here.

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